Port of Amsterdam - Social Platform (D7)

For the port of Amsterdam I worked in a team, to make a social platform with a facebook like type of functionality. Visitors are able to post reactions on updates. My main task was implementation of modules and responsively styling of the page. Modules used: Commentify, Notify.

port of amsterdam logo

Port of Amsterdam - Company Listings (D8)

WIth the use of Solr search, Facets, Leaflet js and Views we made a catalogue for all the companies in the Port. My task was to: configure and style the resultspage, display the results on a map, switch between map view and list view. Modules: Leaflet js, Solr search.

port of amsterdam logo

Groenlinks - Visual restyling (D7)

Part of the election campaign the political party Greenleft wanted to have a more visual representation of their political views. I made a more visual design with a gallery for the front page and standpunten (political view points) page.
The modules I used were: Fast Autocomplete, Views, Search api. Also I the possibility to display videos on the site with the Videojs module.

groenlinks logo